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Brand Mentions… a topic that raises attention. It gives a new way of link building for your online project. It’s created for those who want to be found on Google organic search by high first site-rankings and not risk anything with Google algorithms and manual penalties. Brand Mentions are links within naturally written articles from the strongest websites of the world, from exactly those websites that are relevant for your product, language and market. Brand Mentions can also be Tweets, Facebook- or Google+ shares or the spreading of your video on YouTube.

A huge and efficient product portfolio for your online marketing – combined with a customer first approach…

We not only want to inspire you by our outstanding outreach to over 300.000.000 Facebook-, Twitter-, Google+ and YouTube Followers, but more important with our customer first approach: We succeed when your brand is strengthened and when your Google rankings reach their absolute potential. Experience shows that is approach is very powerful, because it helped hundreds of websites to rank for highly competitive keywords on site one! We’re happy about that, but one thing we’re really proud of: These ranking hikes were reached with highest levels of penalty safety. Want to learn more? We’re happy to get into details!

…do you think link building is expensive? Do you agree it is necessary? Let’s find out about the most efficient approach then…

You tried a couple of different link building strategies, but none of them really worked and some were complete blunders? Please get in touch with us. Google rankings are a science, and not any kind of incident. There are ways and strategies that will succeed, because have the right answers and are in line with Google algorithms. Don’t forget: Success is hard work, and in the beginning this will also be true for outstanding search engine results. But we guarantee you it’ll be worth it. Being found by the masses for your best converting keywords is something we should strive for together.

BeGOOD: a strategy that comes with responsibility

You most probably heard of Google’s ethic code “don’t be evil”. For search results that means that Google wants to give the most valuable results for customers first. For companies that want to become highly visible on Google organic search this means that they have to act in accordance. They need to create great, highly valuable content on their website, SEO-optimize their content, structure, images and other tags. And most important – they need highly valuable links from websites that Google trusts the most: authority websites. We’ll help to create the right mix of quality and quantity in your backlink profile.

SEO: a topic for 100% attention

Search Engine Optimization is constantly adapting, changing and developing. No other subject of online marketing has so many pitfalls and traps that need to be avoided. But for those who succeed, SEO offers free clicks to their products and services, where others pay up to 30$ per click on Google AdWords.

Most executives know about the importance of SEO, but rarely dive deep into the details. They look for approaches, manpower and agencies to manage it, but then face problems to measure the input and results. In the end they do nothing but trial and error, since often the stories they believed lead to vasted money and in the worst case Google penalties. This could have been prevented by understanding SEO to it’s core, choose the right strategy and execute it vigorously.

The first distinction that has to be made in SEO is OnPage and OffPage SEO. OnPage is for optimizing your website structure, technology and content, OffPage is for everything external, like backlinks for example. All studies, up to the most recent, agree that backlinks are the number one most important factor for SEO. Google agrees on that and sees backlinks as a major factor for the years to come.

Backlinks from other websites are references – the more trusted the other website, the more powerful the reference link, the better for your rankings and reputation.

Blogs: an army of independent influencers with an incentive to reference you

The number of blogs is still growing. After starting with private bloggers, who were passionate about a topic and wanted to write about it, later whole businesses emerged as topical blogs to inspire and inform people about interesting things and news for broader topics and even very niche topics. Today, around 20% of all businesses own a company blog, mostly for SEO reasons and with upward tendency.

Especially for international companies with a variety of markets with different languages, a global blogger outreach is a massive advantage. All efforts from one hand, with one contact person and one powerful approach. For those who agree on those points, these are our blogging countries:

Europe: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria, Switzerland, Russia.

North America: USA & Canada.

South & Central America: Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico.

Influencers: those who are the closest to your customers

When we want to spread a message to a certain bunch of people, we tell the person that they listen to. In online marketing we call that person an influencer. The discipline itself is called Influencer Marketing. Before starting with that you need to know your customers well. Especially their online behaviour. By that, you can pick the right influencers and influencing media channels, that own the most direct and trusted connection to your potential customers. By getting referenced from them, you can expect a very good return on investment.

If you have great content ready to be spread, you should make sure to honor a few certain rules when starting an influencer marketing campaign and with a little luck your campaign has the chance to go viral! This means that you give your content, infographic, video or links into the hands of a popular and trusted influencer that reaches again other influencers on Social Media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google+ or YouTube. More and more people spread your interesting, valuable or funny content and make your marketing campaign go viral.

We have a global, daily growing influencer outreach of more than 300 Mio. on all Social Media channels that will help you to find the right people and media channels to spread your infographics, videos, messages and all other content types. Get in touch with us to learn more or book our Influencer Marketing packages directly.