How Google Sees Unlinked Brand Mentions and why to use them for your SEO

For a long time now the main factor used when optimizing SEO was the link but search engines did evolve to the point at which they take many other things into account as websites are ranked. One of them is the brand mention. It is now more important than ever as search engines pick it up and use it as a ranking factor.

Search engine optimization professionals now need to do more work than ever but those that take brand mentions into account and actually use them in their strategy do reap the benefits. However, in many cases we see that not much is known about what should be done. If you want to start using unlinked brand mentions in your SEO campaigns, here are some facts of high importance.

The Necessity To Track Brand Mentions

Besides the backlink checker that is most likely already used, an extra monitoring tool is necessary to find product and brand mentions across the internet. Most apps that you find online just find social media mentions. Always find one that searches the entire internet. Set up brand alerts so you know whenever someone talks about what you try to promote.

After you set up alerts, be sure that you also track how the mentions are (positive, negative or neutral). You will surely want to get more positive mentions than negative mentions.


Growing Brand Mentions

Building unlinked brand mentions is highly similar to how you use link building in your campaigns. Various tactics can be utilized, with some examples being offered below.

  • Product/Service Reviews

    – Always encourage customers to review the brand and track this process. If there are negative reviews, respond to them. Various platforms can be used for reviews like Yelp, TripAdvisor or Trust Pilot.

  • Social Mentions

    – Social media is really good when you build brand awareness or simply start conversations with current and potential customers.

  • Social Customer Care

    – The number of customers that turn to social media when they want to ask questions or complain is constantly growing. This is why the business needs to be present and offer customer care services through social networks. That is very good for businesses since the happy customers will spread the word. This instantly helps SEO campaigns.

  • Monitoring The Competition

    – Similarly with backlinks, you want to track mentions that the competitors get. This helps you to see exactly what you do in order to grow awareness while learning from mistakes and tactics. This makes it so much easier for you to build brand new brand mentions.

  • Influencer Marketing

    – Do track industry keywords and mentions in order to better understand the audience. At the same time, this helps you to find some influencers that can help market products. Similarly with backlinks, you are mostly interested in finding a highly authoritative person that will mention you to get SEO benefits.

Don’t Forget About Links

Last but not least, remember that links are still needed in modern SEO. The buzz that you create around the brand and overall sentiment are very important but you cannot rank sites just with that.