How Voice Search References Can Level-up Your 2022 SEO Strategy

“Alexa, send me more Google traffic”: Link Guru is entering the Voice Search space with you to find out if it can help to boost your website traffic.


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Did you notice that everyone seems to be a little bit more “tired” during the pandemic compared to before? After periods of social distancing and ongoing lockdowns just normal, I guess.

In such times, voice search assistants such as Google Assistant, Siri or Alexa were a bit more than just programmable robot voices. They never judged us and helped us to keep familiar with our language. A lot of conversations about cooking new exotic food recipes, starting podcasts or supermarket opening hours happened between humans and voice assistants.

Like every year before, next year the voice search market is predicted to grow again. This time it might be astonishing: it could be a growth rate of more than 50%. Which market has such numbers apart from Crypto?

How will that affect your SEO strategy and what is the counterpart of backlinks in the context of voice search one might ask. Our feeling is that it’s about the right time to dive into this a bit more… the years before it was clear that something big is arising here, but the strategies to use it for marketing and sales were and still are limited.

If you’re as interested in Voice Search SEO as we are, read on and find helpful tips to build up your new Voice Search SEO strategy. At the end of this you might have the idea how to talk to your customers inside their homes.

Increase Your Authority

No, we don’t mean the authoritative sound of your own voice. As long as it’s not too close to Marion Ramsey in Police Academy.

Statistics show us that websites with highest Domain and Link Authority have the best chances of being in the top ranks of organic Voice Search. And the same statistics (plus our experience with hundreds of customers) shows that those websites have high Domain and Link Authority that have the highest number of high-authority backlinks.

Even among big brands, this is not happening overnight or by kicking one’s heels. An effective backlink strategy is answering questions like “What content is our brand capable of creating and sharing that people in our niche would share on their social accounts or in blog articles?

How Voice Search References Can Level-up Your 2022 SEO Strategy 8

Voice References

Beside having actual backlinks is important for being found in Voice Search, we also brought up the question of what the counterpart to a backlink is when it comes to Voice Search SEO. Could there be something like Voice Referencing in the future? We believe there could be.

Right now, there is nothing like Voice Search referencing. It literally doesn’t exist. The way Voice Search has an impact on SEO, is how users voice commands are “translated” into text by search engines and then used as special voice assistant keywords. Yes, the way people say a keyword out loud differs from typing and the way search engines deal with them differs from usual search as well. In most cases however, the wordings and results for both ways are the same.

The big marketing-related topic here are programmable Voice Search applications. Apart from Google Maps, Spotify and a few other examples there is still a lot of space for improvement. But as the user base grows and VUI-developers get more used to the details, more ideas are ready to take over your living room.

Here’s the thing: every programmable app can refer to other digital targets (URLs to other voice-related apps, podcasts, advertisements or everything else that is vocal). They might be related from the original app by “this could also be interesting for you”. Yes, this already exists e.g. in some music apps like Spotify. But Google is not yet tracking it or using it as a strong SEO ranking factor. The amount and trackability of such references is simply too small so far.

The more this market grows and search goes vocal, the more search engines will try to find ways to track references from apps to other vocal or non-vocal targets. If that happens, you can be the first one having such references in place.

Less Complicated is More Suitable for Voice

In order to avoid any misunderstandings with voice assistants, the majority of users are trying to keep sentences simple. The result is that voice search language is often even simpler than the wording typed into search engines.

Being aware of that, it makes a lot of sense to keep your texts and contents short and clear.

Also, a lot of voice search traffic is informational. So make sure you answer all questions about your service or product, perfectly as a FAQ section backed with and similar markup solutions. To find out what people ask you can use a service like Again, this is very important for Voice Search SEO.


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Local SEO for EVERY Business

You might think that your business model is not suitable for Local SEO or that your business model is too remote and digital for it. Don’t think about it this way! 3 out of 4 searches with voice assistants are local!

To get a bigger share of this cake, you can be a little creative and add any location of your business or any location clearly related to your brand to your contents and optimized for “near me” searches.

Additionally, these are the local SEO accounts you need to have set up, filled with all necessary information about your business and always updated:

  • Google My Business
  • Business Listings for your Sector
  • Yellow Pages
  • Yelp
  • Any other local SEO directories in your country

Think about becoming part of local online communities and find local digital partners. Get involved and connected there to get backlinks, references and mentions from specific cities or regions.

Do Not Ignore Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are short sentences or content pieces from a page that is well ranked in Google’s search results. Their purpose is to answer searches faster than by opening the pages and reading through.

Believe it or not: the replies of almost half of all Voice Search queries come from Featured Snippets!

To reach up there for highly competitive keywords in Google’s rankings is very, very difficult. Our suggestion is to focus on answering long-tail queries that start with “Why”, “How”, “Why” and so on.

Do this by using a very clear formatting, visual and technical. Visual formatting would be bullet points, lists, step by step numbered guides or table overviews. Technical formatting would be h-tags, and all other structured markups.

Adjust Your OnPage Strategy for Voice Search

While it was great to have masses of long texts diving into more and more details while reading on, voice search content should be different.

Using a Voice Assistant, users want to keep it short and simple. Mostly no in-depth information, but fast and clear answers to their questions. To reach there, sort of a split up or integration of regular typed and voice searches is necessary.

You can achieve this by either clearly distinguishing content by regular and voice queries. Regular requires long-form in-depth reads, while voice requires short and clear, marked up informative contents. The other way is to start an article with short and clear voice assistant-like answers, and then adjust more on regular searches for those who read on.

In any way, the content needs to be supercharged and so good that people are ready to share it! We’ll discuss a strategy for that in the next part.

Focus Your Content on the Ideal Reader

In business strategy, the concept of targeting your marketing efforts on the “ideal customer” is quite common. For writing content however, this concept is usually not applied.

You might be unsure about this by asking questions like: “But my content should be interesting to some other people too” or “I don’t want to push away other readers”. It’s much simpler! By writing your content for an imaginary “ideal reader”, you can go much more into the details that actually matter. Your creativity will give solutions that actually work for a lot of readers and others will also get a feel of that. Some users will love your content and share it with their “ideal reader” friends.

To adjust your content on such readers, get a feeling of what is really interesting to them, which emotion and fear they have related to your product or service and which questions they might ask.

You want to create content that is super engaging using Social Media, downloads, images and videos, highlighting questions and text highlights like citations.

We hope this text helps you to become successful in Voice Search SEO and create better texts for your brand or website. We value you as a reader and would be happy to get your feedback. We create content ourselves and publish it on blogs, digital magazines and news sites for our customers. Go to home for more information.

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