A powerful backlink profile with references from popular and trustful websites, also called authority sites, is the safest and most effective way to boost your SEO rankings. In SEO, link building is a major factor and determines the amount of traffic your website receives for certain keywords. Backlinks from high quality Blogger Outreach or Linkbuilding Campaigns are very powerful when being linked from websites with high search metrics like Moz Domain Authority, Majestic Trust Flow or SEMrush values. These kind of websites have strong backlink profiles themselves, are very trustful and have many visitors. Links from such sites are often referred  to as Authority Links or Trust Links. Link Guru specializes on these kind of Backlinks that increase your linkbuilding profile, brand exposure, brand awareness and traffic, while being absolutely safe from penalties. Our link building outreach belongs to the biggest in the world and our prices are super competitive. SEO agencies buy links from us. Find our linkbuilding packages here:





The recent Penguin 4.0 update has not diminished the importance of linkbuilding at all. Due to leading Google spokespersons like Matt Cutts linkbuilding is and remains a leading SEO ranking factor for the Google Algorithm.

Without backlinks and a powerful backlink profile, your SEO visibility for most keywords will remain too low for site 1 and 2 Google rankings. Thus, users will not be able to find you on organic search to drive your revenues and sales. You might have the best, most informative content on your website – without referral links from external sources your website remains dependent on AdWords to generate traffic.

You might have tried different strategies to generate backlinks, but cost and reward are in no relation. In general, effectively buying links that are relevant, strong, worth their price and fitting naturally into their context are the fastest and most efficient way to the first rankings on Google. On request we’re happy to give you proven examples on this strategy.



Before you start you’re linkbuilding, make sure you technical / onpage SEO is in place. You’re meta data should be optimized for the right keywords and inform Google and the customers what can be found on your website. Also set up your Google Search Console to make sure there are no manual penalties or crawling errors.

Linkbuilding efforts will be most powerful, if not only strong backlinks are generated, but also those from highly relevant websites and within texts that contain the right keyword sets for you landingpage. Make sure those keywords are not what you think they should be, but those interested users actually look for when they search for your products and services. There are many keyword tools like OnPage.org that will help you to find them. Also use Google Keyword Planer.

When beginning to execute your linkbuilding strategy, try to get those backlinks from them by providing interesting, valuable and unique content to your users. This will not just increase the probability to be linked by digital news, magazines and blogs, but also increase the relevance of your website for certain keywords.

Experience shows that backlinks even then are hard to get. The most effective way is to buy backlinks. You should make sure not to overpay is some so called SEO experts and SEO agencies. They mostly buy from link networks and link platforms, especially for niche topics. Link-Guru.com sells links to those SEO experts and SEO agencies, which enables you to save good money on every link. Our outreach includes more than 30.000 publishers from more than 15 countries like digital newspapers, online magazines and all kinds of blogs to get a backlink from. These backlinks can be tagged as nofollow, in order to be in line with the Google Webmaster Guidelines. If you wish to inquire about possibilites and prices for your linkbuilding strategy, or just get consultation on the topic, get in touch with us here: