Why Using The Free Backlink & Mention Monitoring Tool By Brand Mention Is A Good Idea For SEO Managers

The modern SEO manager needs to think about many different things. Getting one high-quality link is much more complicated than what many think. It involves a serious investment of time and money. Every little aspect of optimization has to be controlled.

Many things have to be done on a day-to-day basis to keep campaigns running. One of them is monitoring the links that were generated for clients. Whether you work on many campaigns for big clients or you just want to do some optimization work for your personal blog, it is important to monitor your backlinks. After all, you did work really hard to get them in the first place. One high-quality backlink can cost hundreds of dollars and you can never be sure that the link actually remains live.

Backlinks are the foundation of modern search engine optimization. Although there are still many other things that have to be analyzed and considered, keeping a clean and strong backlink profile is the best way to be aware when something goes wrong. If there are thousands of backlinks that have to be checked, doing this manually is close to impossible.

Why Is Backlink & Mention Monitoring Important?

We need to acknowledge the fact that things can always change with the backlinks you get. Did you recently buy high-quality white hat backlinks? This is definitely going to help you increase search engine rankings but do you know if the links will stay live forever?

Unfortunately, even if the deal you have with someone clearly states that backlinks should always be live, this does not always happen. Site managers often un-publish content, change backlink anchor text or just remove the link after getting paid. The bad news is that this happens much more often than what many think.

Monitoring backlinks is also really important because it guarantees that the link profile remains clean. It can happen that a website is hacked and backlinks are modified into something that could damage the reputation of the site that the SEO manager works on.

Every single big SEO agency out there monitors the backlinks that are bought or generated through absolutely all methods. They know whenever something happens and link profiles are modified. Even brand mentions are monitored in order to be able to check brand authority and reputation.

The Brand Mention Free Backlink & Mention Monitoring Tool

backlink monitoring tool

Brand Mention understands there is a need for SEO managers to use tools to monitor backlinks so they created a free backlink monitoring tool that you should seriously consider using. It has some specific advantages that should be mentioned. Those that are the most important are:

  • It is free

Just as the name implies, Brand Mention’s monitoring tool is completely free. This is important because such a service normally costs a lot of money. You cannot gain access to monitoring services without having to pay a monthly fee. Brand Mention decided that SEO managers should have this tool for free, no matter if they use the other services offered or not.

  • Learn about changes as soon as they happen

A common practice among many link sellers is to have backlinks live and eventually change their attributes to nofollow. If your deal was that you get dofollow links and links are changed, the monitoring tool will immediately let you know that this happened.

Besides the follow or nofollow attributes, the Brand Mention Free Backlink Monitoring Tool will also tell you if the anchor used for your monitored links was changed or not. Similarly, in the event that the articles are modified in any way, you are told. You are even going to find out if the website is down so you can contact the webmaster and let him/her know. Naturally, in the event that the website is back up, you will know.

  • Add Links To Monitor In Bulk

link monitoring

As you build backlinks for a website it is normal to und up with hundreds or thousands of backlinks being created. Brand Mention knows this and allows users to add links to monitor in bulk. You download a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet template like in the image above to show you how to add your backlinks in a new spreadsheet. Then, you import the .xsl file and links are automatically added in the Backlink Monitoring Tool. Brand Mention does the rest.

Tips To Make The Most Of The Free Backlink Monitoring Tool

The necessity to check backlinks is quite obvious for every single experienced SEO manager in the world. You want to be sure that you have a way to monitor all changes and the Free Backlink Monitoring tool is definitely one you could consider. Although everything is pretty self-explanatory, there are some tips to remember:

  • Add all monitored backlinks

Although the possibility to import all backlinks into the tool for monitoring is there, most users are inclined to manually add links that they want to monitor. This will take a lot of time so it is much better to add absolutely all the backlinks you created.

  • Take advantage of support

If you have questions or there is any error that appears, you can easily contact support. This would help you to solve everything faster and you can also get guidance in the event there is something you do not understand with the backlink monitoring tool.

  • Add links as soon as they are live

As soon as you get a backlink and it is live, you want to add it to the tool so monitoring starts. It is really easy to forget about backlinks so the sooner you add them, the sooner the tool can start monitoring!

  • Check the other Brand Mention features

Besides the free backlink monitoring tool you can also find wonderful opportunities to get brand mentions and new links to your site. You do this from the “New Booking” section. Choose links that can from varying domain authority, citation flow and trust flow opportunities.

  • Check competition backlinks

You do not need to monitor just the links that you generate for your own sites. You can also check some backlinks that the competition has in order to see when changes happen. These changes can give you an indicator of some changes you might also want to make with your own links.

How to use it

Brand Mention makes it really easy to monitor all your backlinks without you having to invest a penny. You get the exact same quality with the backlink checker as you would with another tool that would be much more expensive. Linkbuilding basically becomes much simpler when you use the Free Backlink Monitoring tool by Brand Mention.

The Tool is completely free. There is no obligation and you can add as many backlinks or brand mentions to monitor as you want to. You can either type in your link data one by one, or add your Excel data in bulk by downloading and using the template. Upload the data-enriched template file then with the upload function.

For using the tool, simply open a free account and go to >Tools >Free Backlink Monitoring.